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The body needs to be supported and nourished, not controlled or fixed. Just as medicine can influence our bodies, the nutrients in our diets have the power to nourish and heal. This perspective promotes a mindful approach to eating, highlighting the importance of choosing whole, nutrient-dense foods that provide essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. By recognizing the connection between what we eat and our overall health, the "food as medicine" philosophy empowers us to make informed nutritional choices that support our vitality and balance - leaving behind restrictive diets, and ridged or passive methods of approaching food.

Culinary Medicina

holistic COOKING & nutrition education

The meals I create are plant-forward, clean, nutrient-dense, and healing. Menus can accommodate your preferences and/or dietary needs:

Vegan - Raw - Vegetarian - Gluten-Free

One of the things I love most about cooking for retreats is the potent power held within its safe container. While retreat attendees seek deep self-connection and healing, I extend this by crafting a culinary journey that supports them in connecting to themselves through their sense of smell, sight, touch, taste, and sound. When food is treated as medicine, prepared and presented with intention, thoughtfulness, and love, it has the ability to nourish the body and the soul - fostering a deeper connection to the flavors, the moment, and the shared experience of breaking bread with fellow seekers.

Sharing my passion for cooking nourishing meals gives me life! I look forward to connecting and discussing your needs for your upcoming retreat. I am currency serving the greater Los Angeles area and am open to travel.


One-on-One food education

If you’re interested in receiving support with your relationship to food, lifestyle and/or behavior modifications around food,  please visit my Lifestyle Medicina page for more information on Holistic Coaching. I incorporate food education, resources, and recipes as part of my coaching practice and would love to support you in exploring your nourishment needs.

Client Testimonials

Crystal not only cooks delicious food, it is thoughtfully planned and prepared with love. It is evident that she is passionate about what she does - I can taste it in every bite. There isn't a single thing that Crystal has made that wasn't absolutely divine. Having Crystal on board for my retreats as our chef I am assured my guest will be nourished with healthy and tasty food and delighted with the creativity that comes from her heart.

Jacqui, Embracing Your Light

Costa Rica (Retreat Facilitator)

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