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Mindful Medicina

Yoga, Breath & Meditation

Mindfulness is the medicine of wakefulness. When we are awake we give ourselves the gift of presence, peace, and self-awareness. A mindfulness practice offers a gentle yet effective pathway for waking up from our auto-pilot tendencies, providing us an opportunity to notice our habits, free ourselves from feeling stuck and reconnect with the wellspring of our inner wisdom and vitality. Our practice invites us to take a nurturing role in guiding the course of our own lives. Mindful practices can include the pairing of breath with movement, meditation, intentions and affirmations, guided imagery, and relaxing breathing exercises.

Yoga by the Ocean


Yoga is a mindful practice that has the therapeutic power to reconnect you to your inner compass. A regular practice can serve as a mirror that reveals your state of mind, state of body, and state of spirit. In doing so, we get to witness our inner world and see how it shows up in your outer world. This awareness creates the physical and inner space needed to step into mind-body-spirit alignment.


Breathwork is intricately connected to the concept of life energy force, often referred to as "prana," "qi," or "vital energy" in various spiritual and cultural traditions. This life force flows through the body, sustaining physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Breathwork is seen as a means to consciously harness and direct this vital energy, as the act of breathing not only supplies the body with oxygen but also influences the flow of energy throughout the system. By practicing intentional and controlled breathing techniques, individuals can enhance the circulation of their life energy—promoting balance, vitality, and a deeper connection to their inner selves. 

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The power of a mindful meditation practice lies in its simplicity and accessibility—anyone can engage in it, regardless of age or background. The benefits are felt internally and also radiate outward, affecting relationships, work performance, overall happiness and, at its core, our relationship with ourselves.

Incorporating mindful awareness into your routine can have profound and lasting effects on your mental, emotional, and physical health. The benefits of a consistent meditation practice accumulate over time. As with any wellness practice, it's recommended to start slowly and seek guidance if needed to find the meditation techniques that work best for you.

Mindful Medicina

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